Happy Mother’s Day

Being a parent is challenging. And wonderful. And tough. And terrific. And so much more.
So on this Mother’s Day, a big shout out to all the moms (first and foremost my own) who
deserve our never-ending thanks for the countless things they’ve done for us…and for us
‘kids’ lucky enough to have mom around, which they still do for us.
It’s no surprise to single parents that over $100Billion is owed for past due child support.
Yup, $100BILLION. 82% of that is owed to moms who are custodial parents. As is often the
case in life, the deadbeats give a bad name to the 70% of dads who are caring and diligently
who do pay. But moms who are the sole source of support for their children without assistance
from dad deserve an extra special thanks this Mother’s Day.
Let’s face it, every day really should be Mother’s Day.