When Is #Divorce Happy News? When You’re A #Real Estate Buyer

While divorce isn’t normally considered a happy event, if you’re looking to buy a home,
whether single family, condo or townhouse, locating a property being sold due to divorce
may be very happy indeed. In the world of real estate we say that bargains are to found 
when home sellers are separating.
Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa are recent examples of this rule–though the ‘bargain’
they’re offering is $10.9Million for their Florida mansion. Now $10.9Million may be a bit
higher than what most of us could afford (okay, a lot higher), but Scottie and Larsa lowered
their asking price, which is is quite common for couples looking to get rid of real estate so
they can move on.
If you’re in the market to buy and want a bargain (and who doesn’t?) look for properties
being sold due to divorce. Sometimes sellers voluntarily list their home for sale because
they simply want to move on, other times the divorce court orders the property be sold.
Selling the property at a reduced price allowing the couple to move on, which is good news
for them…and good news for the lucky buyers, too.