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The Judge Made The Wrong Decision—Should I Appeal?
The Judge Made the Right Decision—But My Ex is Appealing!

A bad ruling in a family law case can affect you and your family for years to come. Walking out of court with a bad decision is a horrible experience, whether it happens while your case is still ongoing or at the end of your case. On the other hand, you might be in the fortunate position of leaving the courthouse smiling because the judge ruled in your favor. But just when you thought it was all finally over, the rug can be pulled out from under you when you find out that your ex is going to appeal the decision. The happiness you felt is replaced by a feeling of dread.You’re worried that you won the battle but your ex is going to win the war.

Whether you’re on the losing side of a decision and need to find out fast what you can do, or the winning side and need to defend against what comes next, clients turn to us for expertise in these complex matters. It is at this point that clients often learn for the first time that their lawyer can’t or won’t handle an appeal. What should have been a simple case has turned into a complex matter, and you quickly need a level of expertise that you never expected. You need counsel experienced in appellate matters who can provide immediate advice about filing and defending appeals, along with other legal strategies that come into play after the judge has ruled.

If the judge made serious errors,  we will advise you about the merits of filing an appeal or taking other steps regarding reversing the decision, changing the judge’s mind or reducing the impact of the decision. If you’ve received a bad decision, you must contact a lawyer immediately who is experienced in appeals. Once the judge issues a final order, the clock starts ticking. When and whether to file an appeal might seem simple, but is one of the most complex issues in family law. In Illinois, for example, you only have 30 days at most after a “final” order has been entered to file an appeal, and in some situations you should appeal much sooner than 30 days. Some orders can and sometimes must be appealed before the case ends. Frequently, though, an appeal cannot be filed until the entire case has been finalized.

If you were treated unfairly and errors were made, contact us immediately. We will discuss whether it makes sense to file an appeal or whether another strategy would be a better option. We will review the defense of any appeal by your spouse, and recommend strategic steps which should be taken. We will leave no stone unturned in fighting for your rights so that your goals and desires can be met.