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Second Opinion or Second Lawyer?

We provide second opinions to those currently represented by counsel, and will discuss taking over representation when a case is already in progress. Sometimes a client receives a negative ruling in court or receives news from their current lawyer which was unexpected. Sometimes a client has lost faith in the ability of the current attorney to handle the case. Other times the lawyer informs his client that he cannot continue with the case, due to lack of time or other reasons. Often, a client just wants to make certain that the lawyer is doing everything possible.

Sometimes a second opinion is requested, and sometimes a second lawyer is required.

If you are looking for a second opinion to make certain that your interests are properly represented, confidentiality is critical. Most clients do not want their present lawyer to find out they are seeking another legal opinion. Rest assured that we always maintain strict confidentiality and provide our honest opinions about your case and what has occurred thus far. If we believe you are being properly represented, we’ll tell you, and if we know you could do better, we’ll tell you that, too. You might learn that the lawyer you hired and thought was a family law attorney isn’t.  A second opinion can be invaluable. If changing counsel is being considered, the right lawyer can steer the case in the right direction. In either circumstance, peace of mind is what’s important, whether you learn you’re in the right hands….. or find out in the nick of time that new counsel is necessary.

As the saying goes, it’s not over ‘til it’s over. If your case is still ongoing, contact us to provide you with a second opinion. We’re happy to review your case, and tell you when you’re in the right hands. If everything is being done that can be done, we’ll tell you. We’ll analyze your situation, and tell you if your interests would be served by new counsel taking over to successfully resolve your case. We’ll tell you when a case is going according to plan and when it isn’t.

It’s about having a great lawyer and a great plan. That’s what we provide.