Chicago Separation/Divorce attorney


We provide expertise in the following family law and related matters:

Separation / Divorce

Before beginning a separation or divorce, clients consult with us privately about their legal rights and options. We provide specific advice and opinions tailored to your situation, including advantages and disadvantages of separation versus divorce and the best timing for each. While it is critical that every client receive counsel tailored to their unique situation, this is especially important for clients married more than 7 years, for clients (or spouses) near retirement or retired, for those over age 40 and when there are children or family health issues. We provide expertise in the following areas:

Maintenance / alimony; medical insurance and health care expenses, division of assets, including residential and commercial real estate, retirement benefits and plans, business interests, and financial accounts; division of debts, including credit card debt, personal loans, mortgage debt, student loans, business debt and tax issues. Additionally, we address issues regarding domestic violence and obtain orders of protection.

Custody / Visitation / Child Support

In cases involving children, commonly the first concern is custody, visitation and financial issues regarding children. These include:

Child custody, visitation / parenting time, child support, educational / college expenses, medical insurance, uncovered medical and health care expenses, extracurricular / activity expenses; issues involving children with different or special needs.

Parentage / Paternity

We represent parents who were not legally married to each other, addressing custody, visitation, child support, and other child related issues. This includes the determination of paternity, DNA testing, and concerns relevant to these circumstances.

Prenuptial / Postnuptial Agreements

We present clients where an agreement is to be reached prior to marriage, and in those circumstances where an arrangement is made after marriage. This is done privately, outside of court.

Post Divorce / Post Decree Disputes

Issues continue to arise after a divorce has been finalized, sometimes weeks, months or years later. We provide consultation and representation involving modifications/changes to divorce judgments, including child support, maintenance and other modifications, as well as issues relating to enforcement of divorce judgments.