Would You Use a Surrogate to Carry Your Child? Would You Consider Being a Surrogate? Surrogate Moms Express Sheer Joy…and Heartbreaking Regret

As women wait longer to have children, the number of surrogate births has increased. It’s estimated there are approximately 500 surrogate births per year in the US and that a total of 35,000 children have been born by surrogates.  
We’ve all seen the lawsuits and movies. They usually involve a woman who carries the biological child of another parent or couple who later refuses to turn over the child/children. As members of the public we are then witness to the heartbreaking lawsuit, which sometimes drags on for years, with inevitably sad results.  
These days surrogacy suits are more complicated. A recent case involved a surrogate mom who had triplets. She filed for custody after the biological father asked her to terminate one of the three fetuses, saying he could not afford more than two children. In the end, the court rejected the request of the surrogate and awarded custody of the children to the biological dad. 
Of course there are many happy stories which we never see because they don’t play out in courtrooms or television, but rather between surrogate moms, biological parents and the lucky children born into loving homes. If you are considering a surrogacy situation, do your research, talk to an experienced lawyer, and take a look at what some surrogates say about the experience, from endless joy to terrible regrets.  

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